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X9 101: Wear OS Digital Watch Face


A premium watch face for Wear OS.



  • 12Color Themes

  • 2 healthy Indicators

  • 4 App Shortcuts

  • 2 Editable Complication

  • Advanced Battery Indicator

  • Energy Efficient AOD

  • Support Multilingual


Supported Devices:

Wear OS 2.0 (API Level 28) or higher. Please contact support@x9studio.com if your supported device is not recognized by Google Play.


*Wear OS Watch Face Health Sensors Tracking

All Wear OS watch faces track health sensors independently, therefore the result on watch face is different from health apps on your phone. This is a privacy protection feature of Wear OS.


Step goal is 10,000 steps, a recommendation from American Heart Association. Step goal can’t be changed, we’ll update the watch face if future Wear OS version enables the functionality.




  1. Touch and hold the display
  2. Tap on customize option


Indicators :

  1. Complication
  2. Battery
  3. Complication
  4. Step Goal Meter
  5. Heart Rate



App Shortcuts:

  1. Alarm
  2. Based on complication
  3. Steps
  4. Based on complication
  5. Measure heart rate
  6. Calendar




Samsung Galaxy Watch5, Wear OS , Android Watch, Google Pixel Watch