Samsung Galaxy Watch Face: X9 40Zr


X9 40Zr is named after a chemical element Zirconium, 40Zr in the periodic table. It features a precision animated tourbillon, check it out!

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  • Animated Tourbillon 
  • 4 Health Indicators
  • 9 App + 2 Custom App Shortcuts
  • Advanced Battery Meter
  • Auto Switch 12H/24H
  • Always On Display
  • Date format supports multiple languages (except for Portuguese) 



  1. Step Counters
  2. Battery Status
  3. Heart Rate*
  4. Heart Rate Zone*
  5. Date / Month
  6. Steps Goal Digital Meter
  7. Steps Goal Analog Meter


* IMPORTANT: Heart Rate Meter and heart zones are for general purpose only, they’re not to be used for medical purpose.





App Shortcuts:

  1. Timer**
  2. Schedule
  3. Battery
  4. Custom app shortcut 2: Double tap to assign app to the button
  5. Samsung Health – Heart Rate
  6. Weather
  7. Messages
  8. Alarm
  9. Phone
  10. Custom app shortcut 2: Double tap to assign app to the button
  11. Samsung Health – Steps


** Samsung Stopwatch and Timer apps are not built-in apps, they are free and need to be downloaded from Galaxy App store.



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