X9 12Mg – Premium Samsung Galaxy Watch Face

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X9 12Mg is named after a chemical element Magnesium, 12Mg in the periodic table.


  • Date format supports multiple languages (except for Portuguese) 
  • 120+ Possible Color Themes
  • Advanced Gyro Effects
  • 7 App + 2 Custom App Shortcuts
  • GMT Zone Indicator (24H Format Only)
  • Advanced Battery Meter
  • Auto Switch 12H/24H
  • Always On Display



Double tap to change color options

  1. 3 motors & screws color options
  2. 10 clock & indicators color options
  3.  4 metallic discs color options


  1. Morning / Afternoon Indicator
  2. GMT Zone (24H Format Only)
  3. Seconds Indicator
  4. Date / Day indicator
  5. Battery Level Meter:
    • 100 – 0 %
    • 25% increment
    • Charging: Blue animated meter
    • 24% or less: Yellow flashing meter
    • 15% or less: Red flashing meter
  6. BPM Heart Zone*


* IMPORTANT: Heart Rate Meter and heart zones are for entertainment purpose only, they’re not to be used for medical purpose.



App Shortcuts:

  1. Alarm
  2. Timer**
  3. Schedule
  4. Messages
  5. Custom app shortcut 1: Double tap to assign app to the button
  6. Stopwatch**
  7. Custom app shortcut 2: Double tap to assign app to the button
  8. Phone
  9. Samsung Health: Heart Rate

** Samsung Stopwatch and Timer apps are not built-in apps, they are free and need to be downloaded from Galaxy App store. Shortcuts only work with apps made by Samsung.


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