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Wear OS Watch Face: X9-027


A premium watch face for Wear OS 3.0 and higher.



  • Highly Customizable Themes
  • Multiple Languages Support
  • 3 Customize App Shortcuts
  • 2 Built-in Apps Shortcuts
  • 1 Health Meter
  • Advanced Battery Indicator
  • Supports 12H & 24H format
  • Energy Efficient AOD



Tap and hold on watch face, then select Custom button.

Customizable components

  1. Watch face plate
  2. Minute Hand
  3. Step Goal Hand
  4. Battery Level Indicator


Indicators :

  1. Battery Level Meter:
    • Charging:  Animated meter
    • 20% or less: Flashing meter
  2. Second Hand
  3. Multi-Data Display*
  4. Date
  5. Analog Step Goal %

*User can pick what type of built-in data to be display on Multi-Data Display. If data output doesn’t fit the display area, then data will not be display. Default data is step counts.


App Shortcuts:

  1. Alarm
  2. Custom Apps, any installed app can be added to the button.
  3. Schedule




Samsung Galaxy Watch4, Wear OS , Android Watch