Register Coupon

  1. Copy coupon code
  2. Open Galaxy Store app on the phone
  3. Select “Navigation Drawer” (three horizontal bars in upper left corner)
  4. Select “Coupons and promotional credits”
  5. Select “Coupons and gift cards”
  6. Select “Add ( + sign in upper right corner)”
  7. Paste coupon code and select “OK”


Redeem Coupon

  1. Go to step 4 in Register Coupon above.
  2. Select the coupon
  3. Select “Use coupon” button
  4. Select the price at bottom of product page
  5. Select “Use discounts” in Samsung Checkout popup dialog
  6. Select the coupon and select Pay now:$0.00 button


Please note: Samsung Coupon code only works on Android phones.